Trendsetter and worldwide market leader

What we excel at is to recognize technical trends and changes in the market and to turn them into innovations.

The 3 Z came about in the 1950s and stood for Zylinderaufzüge (cylinder liners), Zwischenpapiere (slip sheets) and Zurichtseiden (make-ready silks), three major products in our assortment at that time. In the 1980s, we then picked up on the idea of waterless offset printing, which we continued to develop until it was ready for the market, making us the first dealer of waterless offset printing technology in all of Europe.

As the inventor and worldwide market leader for calibrated underpacking sheets, and the supplier of self-adhesive underpacking foils using a system of colour coding, we offer our worldwide customers a wide range of products and comprehensive services in collaboration with our system partners. This is also reflected in our company philosophy.

„We want to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering the best quality and excellent services at competitive prices.“

Marks-3zet GmbH & Co. KG is the operational main company of the Dr. Juergen Meyer foundation in Cologne.