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PicoJet 330S

Highly productive UV digital inkjet printing

Working at 350mm of width and 75m/min (250 ft/min), PicoJet incorporates 1200 x 1200 effective dpi with dimensions points of 2,5 pl is ideal for high quality and for long runs. PicoJet is a 7-colours printing system, that can be personalized to guarantee a customized printing with a wide range of colors.

More flexibility

PicoJet uses a final LED polymerization with high energy efficiency with support cylinders with temperature control to be able to print also on supports susceptible to thermal overhang.

PicoJet incorporates the static control, the ribbon cleanless and the Crown treatment for a wide choice of printing media.

Easy to use design

This modern equipment boasts innovative, user-friendly technologies, such as automatic joint recognition and the automatic reversal mechanism reducing to the minimum the waste of the supports.

Thanks to the accurate and homogeneous ink distribution, together with the extremely reduced dimensions of the drops, PicoJet is able to offer high quality and high speed printing results.

The capability of the Variable Data is available as an option and it works wiith the operative software of the printing machine PicoJet of Dantex.

Modular platform

PicoJet has been designed on a modular platform, offering a wide range of finishing line: die-cutting, laminating, cutting corners and rewinding.
PicoJet uses ink drops of 2,5 pl that offers an exceptional ink coverage without losing quality or color integrity. Such small drops of ink also reduce operating costs, minimizing the use of ink.


Main features

  • Modular system
  • Wide range of Finishing options in the line.
  • Increased productivity, fast and ready to use.
  • High service time.
  • Operator interfaces easy to use.
  • Intuitive colour management system.
  • Low manteinance

Standard features

  • CMYK printing system.
  • intuitive colour management system.
  • System of recirculation of ink.
  • Ribbon cleaner.
  • Specially designed ink distribution system.
  • Support rollers with temperature check
  • Antistatic.

Optional supplements PicoJet

white/varnishing • Die-cutting • Lamination • Backrest (edge-cutter) • Crown unit (only for thermal media) • Complete rotary die cutting station and matrix removal • Variable Data • Readers of additional notches

Techincal specifications

Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
Number of scales of gray 4
Ink Configuration 7 -color Realization – CMYK+white+ 2
Inks types Inks formulated by Dantex
Minimum size of drops 2,5 pl
Ribbon width 370mm / 14,57”
Printing width 350mm / 13,78”
Printing speed 75 m/min (250 ft/min)
Abacking support Standard support for labels and films not supported
support thickness 50-300 μm (the thickness depends on the material feature)
Unwind/Rewind (Maximum capacity) weight of 70kg, diameter of 780 mm, inner core of 76mm
Die-cutting Rollers of 9¾" - 24" available increments of 1/8 steps)
Press dimensions (L x P x A) 610 cm x 185 cm x 200 cm / 240,16” x 72,84” x 78,74”
Power 125 A 3 Phase + Neutral + Ground
Compressed air 100 psi (from 5 to 6 bar) at 100 l at minute

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