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Plate Processors

How and when does ink foaming occur? What countermeasures are possible?
A number of different factors can be responsible for ink foaming: The type of development unit, brush pressure, number of brush rotations, condition of the brushes, supplier of the chemicals, age of the chemicals, air pressure, outdoor temperature, filling level of the tank or pressure on the spraying tubes. If no machine malfunctions can be detected, then the addition of an antifoaming agent such as Agfa RC 31 is recommended. Please remember not to exceed the recommended quantities, since it can otherwise come to ink receptivity problems.
How much water will be approximately used for developing/rinsing each plate?
This depends on the settings. The configuration of the settings that reduce consumption should be made by a service technician. 2 to 5 litres are optimal per plate cycle. Lower settings can lead to an insufficient flushing of the tanks, which may lead to the development of microorganisms. This can lead to bad odours. A water tank heating unit is also promoted for TORAY machines. However, such a heating unit is only recommended for extreme climatic zones. If it is nevertheless installed, then it should be set to as low a temperature as possible (10 to 12 °C).