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A unique service for all the rollers of rotary and semi-rotary offset machines (Wenji, Weigang, Zonten and many other)

We buy rollers from European producer only and stock them in our warehouses in Italy, to be able to offer an “on demand” service. The service includes a first consultation about the client’s systems, where we offer a free meeting where we evaluate the rollers conditions which are currently installed; if our technicians consider that a replacement is necessary we will provide with an estimate. After the evaluation and disassembly steps, we provide with the installation of the entire high performance roller suit following the grinding and regumming of the replaced rollers. The rollers, once back like new, will remain at our stores expecting to be reorder for future replacements. This process avoids the big costs of new rollers and the long waitings that run from the client order, to the producer shipping.


You don’t have to worry about disassembling and installing
Our skilled technicians will take care of the disassembly of the rollers and worn mutes and installation of the new ones. A process performed in totally autonomy, safety and speed.
You don’t have to order well in advance
Afer having replaced and collected your rollers we will recondition and regummed them, and then we will store them at our stockrooms waiting for future replacements at your machines, for prompt deilvery.
You save money

Receiving reconditioned rollers, instead of replace them with new rollers, it will allow you to save on the total costs and on the waiting; moreover you can avoid waste of raw materials and contamination.