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PicoColour 254 HD

Vivid colors and whiter whites

PicoColour HD 254 is based on the platform PicoJet and it benefits from this advanced technology. Compared to the PicoColour Classic, the HD 254 offers an increase print width to 254 mm/10″, a resolution increase to 600 x 600 dpi and a speed increase to 50 m/164’ per minute. Moreover, the machine offers a minimum drop dimension of 2,5pl compared to 6pl.

Compact inline finish

PicoColour HD 254 is available with compact inline finish. With excellent printing results and suitable for short and long term work, the machine offers all the advantages of digital printing for today’s demanding production environment, including the absence of minimum waste quantities and very fast delivery times.

Technical specifications

Machine dimensions (L x P x A) 515cm x 170cm x 205cm / 202.76" x 66.93" x 80.71"
dimensions + finishing (L x P x A) 615cm x 170cm x 205cm / 242.13" x 66.93" x 80.71"
Printing width 254mm / 10"
Printing speed 50m / 164' per minute
Resolution 600 x 600 dpi (1200 effective dpi)
Minimum drops dimension 2.5p
support thickness 50 - 300μm (The thickness depends on the material features)
colour available CMYK / WHITE / + 1 ADDITIONAL COLOUR
Software Esko + MaxPrint

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