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PicoJet 1200

High resolution printing quality for narrow band

The PicoJet 1200 is a one reel to reel printing machine with a print width of 254 mm/10” or 330mm/13” and a speed of 50m/164’ per minute or 75m/250’ per minute and it can be custom-configured as CMYK, more white CMYK and/or additional color stations (orange, green or violet). The PicoJet 1200 is the latest version of the acclaimed Picojet 254.

Higher quality printing

PicoJet offers an excellent printing quality, in a short time. Thanks to the ink drops of 2.5 pl, which offers an exceptional ink coverage without any loss of color quality or integrity, PicoJet offers high quality results also for more complicated works, with an effective resolution of 1200 dpi.
PicoJet uses a Low energy consumption LED final curing with temperature backup roller for the temperature-sensitive sublayers. PicoJet also incorporates static control, the roll cleanless and the crown treatment for a printing capacity on a wide range of substrates.

Technical specifications

Dimensions from reel to reel
(L x P x A)
515cm x 170cm x 205cm / 202.76" x 66.93" x 80.71"
Printing width 254 mm/10" o 330mm/13”
Printing speed 50m/164' o 75m/250′ at minute
Resolution 600 x 600 dpi (1200 dpi effective)
Minimum size of drops 2,5 pl
Support tickness 50 - 300μm (tickness depends from material features)
Available colors CMYK / WHITE / ORANGE / GREEN / VIOLET
Software Esko + MaxPrint

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